Who We Are

Using Theater, Art, Dance and Music to celebrate African culture, its Heritage and the people

Macaulay Heritage Foundation was established in 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria to identify, protect and promote all legacy projects of Nigeria and Africa at large.
True Spirit of Africa

What is the Spirit of Africa?

I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because the Spirit of Africa lives in me. The History we fail to learn from will end up teaching us a lesson. The Man without the ‘’Spirit of Africa’’ has a Price but the Man with the ‘’Spirit of Africa’’ has Values.

Herbert Macaulay Colloquium
by Macaulay Heritage Fóundation

Our advertising and promotional strategy is different

We wish to create somewhat an all embracing public relations programme that will succeed at all level. We want that impact to draw attention to our sponsors.
Pre-Event Services
Stage and Live Shows
Successful Projects

Macaulay Heritage Foundation celebrates the African culture, its people and heritage. We leverage on the power of Africa

Project Team

Our Pre-Event Branding

  • TVC running on event programme 4 times a day for 4 days preceding event.
  • Radio jingles and hypes running 10 times a day for 4 weeks preceding event.
  • Outdoor billboards are strategically positioned across cities.
  • Appearances on the most watched TV talk shows with Wale Macaulay and Femi Macaulay as arrow heads.
  • Press conference and press hype involving dailies, soft sell and special interest magazines.
  • Large posters carrying sponsors logo on Public Transit buses and at specific bus-stops on strategic routes.