The Macaulay Heritage Foundation board (MHF) is pleased to announce to the general public that it has awarded Oluyemi Adetiba-Orija of Headfort Chambers the Foundation’s first award of 2022, with a certificate, for “Freedom, Hope and providing a Legal Safety net to all the inmates in our Correctional centres”, along with a cheque for the sum of N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) to the Headfort Foundation.

The award was presented to her by Engr. Gladstone Macaulay Chairman board of the Macaulay Heritage Foundation on 11, January 2022 at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos.

It is in recognition and appreciation of the tremendous work and sacrifices Oluyemi and members of her Chambers have achieved in such a short time of existence, in offering Hope to the Hopeless.

We wish to encourage her drive and zeal to reach out to fellow Nigerians in this unglamorous, selfless area of legal outreach.#SayNoToJailAwaitingTrial#

The MHF is in support of this and other moves NGOs and the Government to eradicate the injustices and inequalities caused by omission or commission of our judicial and security policies on fellow Nigerians.

The MHF is a foundation in memory of all the Macaulay Descendants, from Thomas Babington Macaulay (Founder of 1st Secondary School in Nigeria – CMS Grammar school), Herbert Macaulay (Founder of the 1st Political Party in Nigeria- Nigeria National Democratic Party), Oged Macaulay (Secretary to NCNC & NNDP), to mention just a few.

The Macaulays have always strived for the Freedom and independence of all Nigerians. Herbert Macaulay and Oged Macaulay spent time in Prison (Now called Freedom Park Lagos), without any help, for the independence of our Country while Ameyo gave her life in saving Nigerians from the scourge of Ebola.

The Macaulays will continue to promote and sacrifice for Nigeria our Country and Humanity at large.

GOD bless Nigeria.


Engr. Gladstone Olufemi Macaulay

For: Macaulay Heritage Foundation